Monday, 12 September 2011

What a weekend ...

Friday ... Left work at 12h00 and popped past Cheryl to collect click 'n stick.  Stopped at Jasmyn to get some koeksusters for afternoon tea and arrived at the Convent at about 14h00 ~ What a wonderful sight! 

I unpacked and got the urn going so that when the girls got there the coffee would be ready.  When Ali, Lynette and Linda arrived we got started scrapping.  Dinner time came around very quickly ~ yummy Chicken a-la-king, rice and salad.  We all stayed up late scrapping and chatting.  I went to bed last at around 02h30.  Slept well and was up again at 05h55.  I scrapped in my jarmies and then ran upstairs to shower.  Leonie arrived at 07h30 and after unpacking we went to the dining room for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, tomato and toast.  We were merrily scrapping away and the next thing it was lunch time ... stew, rice and veggies followed by instant pudding with coconut.  After scrapping a whole lot of pages, we went for an afternoon walk through Meerhof which is the suburb that the Convent overlooks. 

Ali taking a picture of the stunning sunset.

The view of the sunset from the verandah of the Convent ... Absolutely stunning!!!

We play a guessing game about what lunch and dinner will be and our guess for dinner was boerewors ... which it was with noodles, beetroot and coleslaw.  I had a shower when we got back to the convent and scrapped in my jarmies until I admitted defeat before pumpkin hour and slept really well. 

Was back at my scrap table at 06h30 and scrapped until breakfast which was poached eggs, viennas and tomato.  We scrapped like demons until luch time which we were very excited about ~ they make the most divine roast chicken and roast potatoes.  The lady who works there was not very moved by our excited reaction to lunch however we really enjoyed it and our meal was finished off with ice-cream. 

We finished off our pages and then reluctantly packed up at about 14h00.  It is amazing how quickly a weekend passes by when you are having fun.

When we tallied up our pages, I had done 25 ~ which I was very happy with and all the other girls did a phenomenal amount of work as well. 

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