Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hair and eyebrows ....

This morning I took the scenic route to Westgate ... went off the highway at Maraisburg and tried a new route through Florida ~ and I didn't get lost!!!  Got to Westgate feeling unstressed and had my breakfast in my car as this centre is a dead loss with no place to have an early morning cuppa coffee.  I attended the staff meeting at the branch and then had a chat with the branch manager because the team leader was off sick and it didn't make sense to do the discussion with the staff member in her absence.  

I have had two really bad hair days so I called my hairdresser and made an appointment to have my hair cut ~ my hair does grow during working hours!!! LOL!!!!  I am very happy with this cut.
This photo really does not do justice to how nice Andre cut my hair.

It is our monthly sisters dinner tomorrow night so I decided that I had better pluck my eye brows before I see Norma as she always makes comments if my eye brows are not done and this is one job I DETEST!!! and had not done for a while so I was looking rather 'woolly'.  So after I made horlicks milkshakes for the boys I got down to doing this chore and got Richard to take a picture of me doing this disliked chore.  I think I need to do a scrapbook page about "beauty chores" ... mine are plucking eyebrows and painting my toe nails ~ I would much rather go to the beauty salon ... need to put this in my calendar much more regularly!!!

I am really tired tonight so I am going to go and jump into bed and hopefully sleep better than I did last night ~ I guess fighting with your child right before bed can cause a sleepless night!!!???

Now go and get your beauty rest!!!!!

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