Thursday, 8 September 2011

One more sleep ...

Not sure if I said this before, "I am soooo looking forward to my scrapbooking weekend!!!"  Last night I did some serious page planning so when I get to the Good Shepherd I can go, go, go!!!

Today was spent at my desk ~ firstly trying to get a handle on my diary as there are so many things happening in the next 6 weeks that it is mind boggling and then doing e-mails and I am still not in control of them.  The more I handled the more came into the in-box.  Oh how wonderful life was before e-mails and cell phones!!!!

Now I am off to finalise my packing so that in the morning all I need to do is pop the stuff into my car ~ I am only working half day then I will be off to Haartebeespoort!!!  I will check in with you on Sunday night to let you know how the weekend was and how many pages I managed to get done.

Before I leave ... let me share some more pages from the book I made for Isaac ...

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