Sunday, 4 September 2011

Weekend roundup

What a wonderful weekend ...

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Cheryl scrapbooking ... she is such an amazing lady.  I did some pages in my 'daugher' Pretty's book and then copied 2 of Cheryl's layouts ~ not just need to add photos.  Liam slept over as he wanted to go with us on our trip to Val.

This morning I was in the shower at 05h00 and we were out the house at 05h45.  We passed by Wendy's house and found that only Graeme was coming with.  I misunderstood where Richard said we were meeting and drove to the Blockhouse on the north side of the highway and was supposed to be on the south side ~ I hate making mistakes so I was really not happy.  I decided that we (Connor, Liam & me) would continue to our "coffee stop", which was in the middle of nowhere near Dasville.  We had a lovely drive and waited on the side of a dirt road for the riders.  Richard had not told the rest of the guys that he had arranged for me to bring them coffee so when they saw him pull over where I was parked they thought that he was stopping to help a damsel in distress ~ they were so surprised when I opened the boot and brought out coffee, muffins and cupcakes (didn't back myself but got goodies from Pick 'n Pay).  When we finished up I found that I had left the car lights on the the battery was ABSOLUTELY flat so the guys had to "pay" for their coffee by push starting the car ~ I am just a girl!!!!  We continued on our way and the guys went their way.

Liam and Connor waiting patiently for the guys to arrive.

 We arrived at Val ahead of the guys ~ when they got there we had a traditional breakfast, farm bread & home made apricot jam with coffee/tea.  Once the riders had left the boys and I ambled around and took some photos.

Connor took this photo of me on the steps to the railway bridge.

I saw this tree filled with beautiful blossoms so I had to pull over and take a photo.

 We took a liesurely drive back home, stopping at The Glen to do a bit of Retail Therapy and luckily bumped into Gordon, Noleen and Dean. 

As we came driving down our road Richard arrived from the opposite direction ~ perfect timing.  After unpacking and sorting out we jumped back in the car and drove through to Corlett Drive where we met Richard's brother James as he needed to sign a document for Richard.  After a quick stop outside the nursery to drop off polystyrene recycling, popped through the KFC drive-thru for an ice~cream and then stopped past Wendy & Graeme for a cuppa coffee and to drop Liam off ~ the poor little guy has battled the whole day with a very stiff neck so I rubbed his neck with some voltaren gel and we cuddled on the couch.  I had a quick chat to Keenan when he called the kids and then it was back home, dinner and some sorting out for next weekend's scrap retreat.  Now I am ready for bed!!!

Hope the week ahead is really good to you and I will chat real soon!!!

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