Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Anticipation ...

I am so excited about my scrapbooking weekend that I have already started packing.  All I need to do now is my packs for the pages I want to do and pack my clothes.  I am just wondering how I am going to get everything into my little car ... I will have to drop the back seats and make the space bigger at the back.  I will take a photo once this is accomplished.

Yesterday I attended my friend Sandra's Mom-in-law's funeral ~ a lovely service although along the way I got a bit lost as the minister was preaching in Afrikaans around Psalm 23 and I found myself wondering what point he was trying to make.  Although my Afrikaans is pretty good he was speaking quite fast and I lost the plot.  I was really shocked to see that this lady was only 59 ~ we so need to look after our health!

Richard called me just as I was leaving the funeral to ask me if I could let him have some money as he had gone to the German embassy to apply for his visa and thought that the appointment fee was the only thing he had to pay for ~ so I dropped money off at home for him and offered to fetch Connor from school as he had to go back to Pretoria.  Connor of course was delighted as he loves to come to my office and order a tikka chicken sandwich from the canteen ~ when we got there the lady behind the counter seemed very unsure about what a tikka chicken sandwich was and then advised us that they had no tikka sauce ... me thinks she was too lazy to go and find some!!!  Our canteen is not the best in the world and seems to be going downhill fast.  Well, he then opted for two chicken mayo sarmies.

Last night Richard's financial planner came to see us but unfortunately arrived nearly an hour late due to a couple of accidents on the highway.  I thought I would have time to update my blog last night but we only finished with Erroll at 10 and then I was really tired.

I thought I would share some pages ... which I haven't done in a while ~ These are some more pages from the gift album I made for Isaac Mapulane ~ my ex area manager.  I dropped it off at his office last week and he called me to say thank you ~ he was so amazed that I had done this for him.

 Wishing you a terrific Tuesday.  Lynn

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  1. good to see you updating your blog more regularly, it is far more interesting than reading my horoscope daily.............