Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy Spring Day!!!

I cannot believe that it has been 16 days since I last posted on my blog ... and I cannot remember anything that has happened in that time!!! LOL!!!

Today was the first Spring Day that I can remember in a very long time that I was able to wear something 'spring like' ~ I am still in my summer dress and sandals and it is nearly 8pm.

I left work a bit early today, as Richard was stuck at a customer, to take Connor to tennis.  While he practiced I sat in the club house and read and responded to e-mails and got quite a bit done.

Let me think about some things we have done in the past 16 days ....

20 August ... we scrapped at Linda Wood's house.  Alison made us the most amazing pavlova ... I have NEVER had such a yummy one before ... the outside was crispy and the middle was like marshmallow.  OMGoodness!!!!!!!  I finished up a lot of pages which were "nearly done" ... I really don't like to leave pages unfinished and it was really nice to be able to tick them off my list.  I am running a bit behind on my page a day target for the year but am just enjoying my scrapping.

21 August ... Graeme asked us to join him and Wendy at Thaba Ya Batswana for a surprise breakfast for Wendy's birthday ~ and we managed to keep it a surprise until they arrived at the venue.  It was just the family and we had a stunning time.  Here is a cute photo of Wendy and Graeme (a.k.a. Schatzie).

My gorgeous boys.

A good photo of Mom and Norma.

Gordon, Dean and Noleen

I am soooo looking forward to our day trip to Val on Sunday ~ Richard and a group of riders are going to ride there on their bikes and we will go through in the car and meet them along the way and serve coffee ... maybe I will bake some muffins or cup cakes to accompany the coffee.  We will then have brunch in Val and come back ... Can't wait to see what this little town looks like.  But before that I get to spend some time with my good friend Cheryl ~ we have been trying to get a date to scrapbook and eventually we have sorted it for this Saturday.

Then the following weekend I am away with my scrapbooking girls at Good Shepherd Retreat for a weekend of scrapbooking ... Cannot wait!!!!  I just love this venue and always get lots of scrapping done and leave there refreshed.

I have found something that has really 'wasted' a lot of my time lately ... I am on Netlog (which is like facebook???) and they have a game called Bejeweled ~ I am HOOKED!!!!  When I get started I keep saying "Just one more game" and before I know it I have been sitting at the computer for 4 hours and done nothing else!!!

Well that's it for me for tonight ... I promise I will be more diligent with updating my blog instead of playing Bejeweled!!!

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