Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stunning day in the middle of the week ...

This morning started off with breakfast with one of the most special guys I have the pleasure of knowing.  Ian and I met in The Perm and have been friends for a very long time.  We try to meet for breakfast every six to eight weeks depending on our diaries.  In my house he is known as 'my boyfriend'.

Mom & her 7 chicks ... too cute!!!!

After a meeting with a staff member I met my very special friend Linda for lunch ... it was her birthday last week and I needed to give her her birthday gift.  We met a Second Cup in Randparkridge.  It is a tea garden under gorgeous big trees with chickens walking around.  We had gorgeous salads and then decided to have some dessert ... oh my word!!!!  Beautifully presented, DELICIOUS and super fresh lemon meringue pie and milktart in a phyllo pastry shell ... the food was so gorgeous that I had to take photos of it .....
Linda ordered a Chicken Salad

Second Cup Salad (roasted butternut, feta, etc.)

Lemon Meringue

Milk Tart with a gorgeous 'crown' around it.
 I spent the evening working on my e-mails and have gotten them kinda under control and then decided that I had better come a blog this amazing day.  Roll on Thursday!!!  I was amazed to find some stats on my blog tonight which shows that there are people in Russia and Belarus who read my blog!!!  Sleep tight out there in Russia, Belarus, New Zealand, Australia and of course my favourite place .... South Africa.

And especially for my friend Michelle ... Here's a scrapbook page to share.  Enjoy!!!

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