Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Friday is on its way ...

I am so excited about my scrapbooking weekend that each hour that passes is an hour closer to Friday afternoon!!!  Tonight I am going to do some page plans so that I don't need to take all my paper with me.  I am quite organised and have a huge amount of stuff already packed and ready to go into my car.  The only thing that I stress about is my car standing in the sun with my scrapbooking stuff in it and unfortunately at work I do not have under cover parking!!!

I met my friend Michelle for breakfast and catch-up yesterday morning.  She brought two of her scrapbooks to show me and her pages are absolutely stunning.  I then popped past 3 of my branches and then back to the office.  Left the office late and spent the evening writing an explanation for the page I am sharing here ...

I did these beautiful pages with my friend Cheryl on Saturday.

Here are two more in the same range of papers ... I used the back of the second page and added an extra page ~ of course I was being my normal 'cheap' self!!! LOL!!!!
 That's it for me for tonight and I will see you all tomorrow!!!  Sleep tight!!!  (Posted at 18h48 on 7 Sept 11)

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