Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm losing days ....

I cannot believe that it is nearly a week since I last posted on my blog!!!

On Thursday I attended a Diversity Workshop ~ I really didn't learn anything that I haven't learned in similar workshops I have attended over the past 25 years in the bank.  Connor was feeling a little better so we didn't go to the doctor.  Only 2 more sleeps until my honey is home.

Friday ... dropped Connor at school and before I knew it it was time to fetch him again.  I popped past the bead shop at LeeWays to drop off a necklace that I have not been able to put together.  I then dropped Connor at home as he wanted to watch a movie and on my way back to the office I popped into Perspex World ~ two years ago I gave the kids each a money box and Jarod had dropped his and the perspex on the one side was cracked.  I have had it on my 'to do' list forever so I decided to get it fixed and off the list.  When I got back to the office my colleagues had decided that we would leave at 3pm.  I rushed home and took Richard's car for a wash and then went to fetch Liam as he was sleeping over.  We spent a bit of time chatting and having coffee with Wendy and then came home for dinner and a rather early night.  The alarm didn't go off so I had a decent night's sleep.

Saturday morning ... YIPPEEEE!!!! My honey will be home just now.  We left for the airport and got there before the flight landed so we had about an hour's wait ~ it was interesting to watch the people in the arrivals hall.  Eventually I saw him ... and he is as gorgeous as ever.  Carl needed to smoke so we had a cuppa while we waited for him.  We unpacked immediately when we got home and Richard showed me the photos he had taken.  The most interesting one was of a bridge in Wroclaw in Poland ... When people get married it is a tradition to have their initials and the date engraved on a padlock which they lock to the bridge and throw the keys into the river ~ What a fantastic tradition.

We spent some time with Wendy on Saturday afternoon when we went to drop Liam off.  We then had dinner at home and spent a quiet evening enjoying each other's company.

On Sunday we left home at 12h00 and drove through to Monte Casino ~ Ali had given me a heads up about Alan Commitee's Happily Every Laughter as she knows that Connor loves Alan ~ I kept it as a surprise for Connor.  We had lunch at Coco Bongo and then went to the show.  I left the show with a huge headache from laughing.  He is absolutely brilliant.  We then browsed through Skoobs Book Store and enjoyed a cafe latte after which we went round the corner to Steers and had an ice cream.  We stopped past Wendy's to collect Connor's glasses and wallet and spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home.  All too soon it was Monday and back to work.

Monday was spent in the office and I left late as I was tackling the HUGE backlog of e-mails.  The highlight of my working day was having a cuppa coffee with Mark who works at Head Office in Investigations.  It is always interesting catching up with him about what is happening in the world of investigations in the bank.  Then a further surprise was seeing my darling friend Dick Staple who retired more than a year ago and is back on a contract ~ he is one of those guys who if you want a job done then Dick is the man to do it.  This morning I started out at Industria Branch and then spent the rest of the day in the office and again left late ~ the only good thing about leaving late is that the traffic is a breeze.  I watched So You Think You Can Dance tonight and was very disappointed at the judges choice of dancers to leave the show ~ It is a problem when the quality of the dancers is so good that each week two really good young people have to leave the show. 

I am really worried about my cat Garfield ... he hasn't been around for the past couple of days.  He adopted us and has crept firmly into my heart over the years.  I just wish I knew how to find him.  One of his feline friends even came looking for him today.  I will be devastated if he doesn;t show face soon.

I think I am going to have an early night tonight as I want to be up early tomorrow morning as my day starts out splendidly ~ I am having breakfast with my precious (boy)friend Ian Sim!!!  What a way to start the day ... It can only get better from there!!!

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