Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A quick update ...

It's Wednesday already and I feel like it should still be Monday!!!

Richard arrived safely in Germany and says that the apartment they are staying in is very nice and the show they are attending is HUGE!!!  Last night they went to an Italian Restaurant, with Korean hosts in Germany ~ How's that for an international affair???!!!Tonight they are travelling to Poland after the show with their host from the company they are going to visit ~ he is going to be exhausted as it is nearly like driving from Jhb to Durban.  Only 3 more sleeps and he will be home!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!

On Monday night we went for dinner at Norma for Mom's birthday ~ roast chicken, rice, roast potatoes, greek salad and a pasta dish followed by some sweet treats.  Whenever his Dad is away Connor sleeps with me.  On Tuesday morning at 01h40 the house alarm went off giving us a huge fright.  We checked the patio where the alarm was triggered but there was nothing ~ Thankfully!!!  We do have a mouse out there so I am sure that is what triggered it.

Tuesday ~ Connor was not feeling well so I kept him home from school and took him to the doctor who diagnosed bronchitis.  I had breakfast with my friend Michelle as it was her birthday on Monday as well.  Again the alarm went off ~ this time at 11h30.  I battled to go to sleep after this as the rining in my ears was VERY loud!  An hour later the alarm went off again!!! Drat!!!!  When I got to the patio I saw the mouse walking along the beam.  He has the cutest face but the body of a rat (eeeeekkkkk!!!).  We are really going to have to do something to catch him ~ we don't want to kill him but if it comes to that then we are going to have to do it for my sanity!!! LOL!!!!

Wednesday ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!!!  It is Connor's God Mother's birthday today and I managed to chat to her on the phone.  Connor is not feeling any better ~ poor boy!  I will make him some yummy horlicks before bed and make it an early night and if he is not feeling any better tomorrow then I will take him back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon as I am on course the whole day tomorrow.

I am really looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight!!!

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