Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another wonderful sisters dinner ...

What a wonderful way to end off a really good day ...

This morning I started off my working day chatting to the staff at Roodepoort Branch and then did a disciplinary discussion with a wonderful lady who I found out tonight is the Mom of another staff member in my Rivonia Arterial Area ... now I know why Lebo is such an amazing young man ~ he comes from good stock!!!  I then dialled into a telecon for my boss after which I drove through to Randfontein to do another disciplinary discussion ... strange that I would say that it was a really good day?  I love to do discipline and come out of it feeling like I did a good job of it ... and in both these cases I felt really good about how I dealt the issues.  I had a wonderful chat with the Branch Manager and Team Leader about a whole host of issues.  I took the scenic route home ~ my GPS as my guide! 

I spent some time in the study with Richard while he was working on a drawing on the computer.  It is wonderful to sometimes just sit in each other's presence.
I met my sisters at Nando's in Meyersdal and as usual we had an evening filled with non-stop chatting and lots of laughter.  As I was leaving the house Richard asked me if I had my camera and I came back into the house to fetch it ... my sisters jokingly said that it is his way of checking up that I was actually with them.  After we had eaten and ordered coffee I took out my camera and that started the fun of getting good photos of the girls ... I was surprised to see the new coffee selection at Nando's and LOVED the menu so I had to take a photo of it ...
Couldn't get this one to load the right way round!!!

A really good photo of Wendy and Noleen.

Norma really likes her funky glasses.

The caption on the coffee menu is "Introducing a hot, steamy affair" ... Norma loved it!!!

When Wendy lived in Germany there was an advert for phone sex and the lady had her glasses perched on the edge of her nose and she used to give out her telephone number ... Wendy says this is what the lady looked like ~ except her hair was up in a clip.

Double trouble ...

Four gorgeous girls!!!!

Dineo took the photo of us together ... when I asked her if I could take a photo of her she said "I love having phtos taken.  Where shall I stand?"  She then said that Life is wonderful and you need to celebrate it! ~ what a wonderful young lady!!!
That's it for me tonight ... chat again soon!!!

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