Friday, 3 June 2011

A sad day ...

  Today the world lost a rather special soul ... James Gladwin ~ Father, Grandfather and my special friend/father-in-law.  I had known my father-in-law since my very first date with Richard on 25 July 1984 and we always had a great relationship ~ when he met me, he met his match in the 'banter department'!!!  He would often say "you take the wind out of my sails" when I had an instant come back after one of his funny comments.

  We visited him last night in the ICU and before we left I whispered in his ear "Thank you for being a great father, a great grandad and a very special friend. If you are ready to go and be with Mum you can go as we are all OK.  Love you Dad."  And he listened.

  We will miss you forever!!!  Richard, Lynn & Connor

Silly boys

Father and son

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  1. Mr Gladwin really was a true gentleman Lynn and I know this is really a sad time for your family. Love you stax