Monday, 13 June 2011

Eventually ... I am allowed to post!!!

  Not too sure why my blog was on strike but eventually after fiddling today (and after some 'refreshing' advice from my friend Alison!!! LOL!!!) it has allowed me in.

  Wow, it has been more than a week since I was last here ... and what a week and a bit it has been.

  Last week was a really busy, busy week at work and ended really well with a day's leave on Friday.

  Friday morning I was up normal time and it was freezing cold.  I got ready, took Connor to school and then met Noleen for breakfast at Wimpy ~ for a change their coffee was really good (so I had 3 cups!!!).  After breakfast I went to Digital Eye to have some photos printed and while I waited did some shopping (got myself a Betty Boop jarmies and a beautiful gown). 
  When I got home Linda Wood was already waiting for me so we got the car packed up and left just after 11 to meet the girls at The Windmill in Haartebeespoort.  The trip out was really great ~ not much traffic and the road was really nice.  When we got to The Windmill all the girls, except Tanya, were already there.  We had a quick lunch (and a horrible cuppa coffee) and then we drove to The Good Shepherd Retreat.

  The Good Shepherd Retreat is a Catholic Retreat and as a scrapbook venue it is ideal.  We stay in a building called The Convent which is really basic ~ the bedrooms have a bed, a wardrobe, a basin and a tiny mirror ~ I can really imagine a nun staying in one of these rooms. There are 4 or 5 bathrooms and a tiny 'kitchen' without any hot water ~ really difficult to wash cups in freezing water!  We have the whole building to ourselves when we are there.  They serve 3 meals a day in the dining room ~ the meals are basic stuff ... breakfast consists of porridge or cereal, an egg, toast and sometimes ham or a vienna and tomato.  Lunches and dinners = stew and rice, chicken a-la-king, mash with boerewors, coleslaw and beetroot (yum!!!) and Sunday lunch is roast chicken, roast potatoes, peas & carrots. They dish such huge portions that I asked the lady if I could dish my own food as I hate waste.

  When we arrived they had already set up our tables so all we had to do was unpack, sort out who was sleeping where and get scrapping.  We spent a bit of time catching up as we hadn't seen Paddy, Claire and Tanya for quite a while.  Before we knew it it was time for dinner.  After dinner we had a gift exchange (each of us contribute 2 gifts for each person and we get a 'lucky packet' of goodies which included a beanie, gloves, sweets, ribbon, a bracelet which Tanya made for each of us, scrapbook goodies. I must have gone to bed around 01h00 and couldn't sleep.  Saturday dawned very mild (we were expecting to freeze) and after my shower I went downstairs and Claire had already got the urn going.  A lekker cuppa coffee and back at the scrap table until 8 when we walked over to the dining room for breakfast.  On Saturday night the Scrap Addicts dressed up for our "Pyjama Party".  We looked really wonderful and I will share a page once done.  At about 10pm we had a power failure and Lynette and I eventually admitted defeat at midnight and went to bed ~ We did manage to get a bit of work done by candle light.  I slept a bit better and was up at 05h45 on Sunday morning.  The time flew past and then it was time to pack up!  As usual we had a stunning time and cannot wait to go back.  I got 16 pages done and am very happy with them ~ I still need to photograph them so will share once I have done that.

  And so a new week began and Monday is nearly finished ~ I got through a heap of e-mails today and decided to leave my laptop at the office tonight as it speaks to me at night when I don't open it up and do some work! LOL!!! Tomorrow is another day ... I am off to watch Oprah.

  Sleep tight and see you all in blogland tomorrow.

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