Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Oh my goodness ... what happened to Monday???

  Yep!!!  I checked the calendar.  It is Tuesday, 31 May 2011 ~ which means that 5 months of the year are FINISHED!!!! and it is FREEZING!!!!!

  I honestly am battling to come to terms with the fact that it is Tuesday and not Monday ~ I feel like I have missed a whole day but I do vaguely remember going to the office yesterday and doing a lot of work but feeling at the end of the day like I accomplished nothing.  One highlight though was giving a staff member a HUGE hug before she had to do a presentation which was located on her laptop which had decided to freeze on her.  As it goes with that very horrible person "Murphy", once she was finished her laptop worked perfectly!!!

  Today I started off my day at Town Square ~ I am sure that when I came out of the branch it was much colder than it was when I went into the branch and hour and a half before.  I chatted to two staff members who have decided to leave the bank for different reasons and had a really interesting chat with both of them.  It is sad when people leave however exciting when they are going to do something which will add value to their lives.  I look forward to tracking both their progress/success stories.

  This afternoon I did the grocery shopping ~ I had avoided the shops on the weekend being the month-end weekend but by today could no longer avoid it as we were running low on everything.  Fortunately Pick 'n Pay was not too hectic but still too busy for Richard's liking so I sent him off to the tool section to browse while Mom and I did the shopping.  Connor suddenly appeared and was VERY helpful which always means he has ulterior motives ... when I asked him "What do you want" his response was "You know me so well!!!"  I guess nearly 16 years of experience does help!!!  A game was the "repayment" for helping me with the shopping.  I was amazed at how quickly we packed all the shopping away when we got home ... I guess if everything has a home then it is much easier.

  I went back to WeighLess yesterday for the first time since February and was delighted to have lost another 1.6kg's.  I am still contemplating what my goal weight is ... the original figure I chose last year just looks unrealistic and I don't want to look like a scarecrow (with wrinkles to match!!!LOL!!!! and I cannot afford a facelift or a body lift ~ Now if I had a show like Ruby then possibly ..... hmmmmm!!!!).

  Well, that's it for me for tonight.  Look forward to seeing you all in BlogLand real soon!!!

Here's a page to share ...
My gorgeous sister Noleen turned 50 in March ... here are two of many pages I did to honour the celebration.  These gorgeous photos are of my niece Gina, nephew Dean and his fiance Jolene.

Noleen with my special brother-in-law (and friend) Gordon.  The 50 birthday cake was one chocolate and the other vanilla ~ soooo yummy!!!!


  1. Lynn, as usual your pages are stunning. I haven't even done a page about my birthday yet

  2. Congrats on the weight loss - do you have pay joining fees again when you return? Do you get a more 'winter' appropriate eating plan?

    Love the layouts!