Sunday, 26 June 2011

Page to share ... April Sisters Dinner

We spent time today with Nuno and Chanel (my brother-in-law Shane's niece) celebrating their engagement.  They have been together for a number of years and Nuno eventually proposed to Chanel on the top of Table Mountain about a month ago.  Nuno designed and had the ring made 3 years ago but had waited for the right time to ask Chanel.  They are such a wonderful young couple.  They had a luncheon in the Clubhouse at their complex which Norma organised for them. 

I went ahead of Richard as I took down my coffee machine and he joined us after he had buried Lassie in the back yard under a silver birch which was given to us by my friend Alison.  When we got home Richard googled about the life span of a Rough Collie and found that it is 12 to 14 years ... so Lassie spent the maximum time with us.  Connor was devastated when he got home and we had to tell him the news.

I thought I would pop into my archives and share the pages I did on our April Sisters Dinner ...


I love the effect of the felt heart
with  the heart pins and staples.

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  1. Lovely layout Lynnie - must remember to get these photos.