Sunday, 26 June 2011

In memory of our beloved dog LASSIE (26 June 2011).

At 07h20 this morning Mom called to say that Lassie had died.  He died somewhere between 3 and 7 am as Mom had called him inside at 3 and he was not interested.

I can't remember exactly when Lassie came into our lives but it was when Connor was little ~ We got him from a man who worked with Richard ~ His parents were very highly pedigreed Rough Collies. 

Connor chose Lassie who was the runt of the litter and he has been the sweetest dog who has loved us unconditionally.

Some memories ....
  • Lassie has been off of our property once in all the time we have had him and that was to take him to the vet but it traumatised him so much that we have never tried that again;
  • He NEVER ventured off of our property ... even if the front gate was standing open he would walk up to the rail for the gate and not cross over;
  • He hated having his photo taken;
  • He would get very upset if he thought that Connor was in any danger;
  • If Richard was outside, Lassie was always nearby;
  • He LOVED chips ... whenever we went out for dinner if there were any chips left we would bring them home for Lassie ... they would be placed at the bottom of his bowl but he would move the food out of the way to get to the chips first;
  • Although he was a big dog he was the daintiest eater on this planet ~ he would take one pellet at a time and eat it;
  • His exercise was 'running laps' around the swimming pool;
  • Garfield (our cat) was his best friend ~ our neighbour phoned Mom one day and asked if Lassie was OK because she could see that he had a HUGE lump on his back ... to which Mom answered "that's not a lump, that's the cat'.  Mom says that on Friday night in front of the heater in her room, Garfield kneeded his bed (a.k.a. Lassie) and they slept peacefully together in front of the heater;
  • He ALWAYS barked madly when the neighbours came home with their kombi.
We sure are going to miss you Mr Lassie, Lass, Scally Wag, Big Guy.

It took 13 shots to try and get a decent picture of Connor and Lassie together.

Lassie's best friend ... Garfield.

A dog and his boy.

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  1. I'll miss his howling hellos and sweet face - he always looked like he was smiling. So sorry for the loss. Hugz