Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's a holiday!!!

Youth Day in South Africa ~ and yippeeeee it's a holiday for us.  It is 06h33 and I am up.  Richard left a couple of minutes ago to ride with Graeme to Villiers.  I am going to have a bath and then get the kids up (Liam slept over last night) and we are going to drive through to Villiers to have breakfast with the guys.  Thankfully Liam is with us so Connor is not going to be too grumpy as he cannot see Tayla today as she has to study ~ Her school is not closed tomorrow and she is writing Geography.

I watched the Lunar Eclipse with Wendy last night ~ it started to happen just as we were going to come home ~ It was amazing to watch and this morning the moon is super bright in a clear sky.  While watching this amazing feat of nature my question is "How can anyone say there is no God?"

I am off to have a bath and get ready to head out.

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