Saturday, 25 June 2011

I am freezing!!!

Oh my word ... Nearly a week has passed since I last blogged.  I know I sat down one night during the week to post but never got finished with it so it is still sitting in the drafts file and I coudn't figure out how to get it out so I gave up.

This morning started with the alarm going off at 05h00 (like every day during the week!!! eish!!!) for Richard ~ he left the house around 05h30 to go riding with Graeme, Ian and Steven.  I personally think they are crazeeeee but they are boys after all!!!  They took a ride from the Blockhouse to Greylingstad and back.  I eventually emerged from bed at 07h30 (actually needed to be up around 06h30! but my bed was so inviting I ell asleep again) and had to rustle Connor out of bed to get ready as he is spending the weekend with Tayla ... We were supposed to leave the house at 08h00 but only got going at around 08h30.  I would much rather have stayed in my warm bed but being Mom's Taxi is something that requires you to get out of bed!!! LOL!!!  I just dropped Connor off as Tayla said her parents were still in their pyjamas (that was where I wanted to be!!!).

I decided to pop past my friend Marian's house as she didn't answer an sms I sent her.  I had her birthday gift and wanted to drop if off.  Fortunately they were home and Lorenzo and the kids were ready to go to Clamber Club.  Lorenzo went off with the kids and Marian and I had a really European meal ... bread cut in thick slices, salami (from Bredasdorp where her in-laws live), haloumi cheese (freshly grilled in the oven) and hot coffee.  We sat in the lounge and chatted and then decided to go to Clearwater Mall for her to do some shopping  We went into Green Cross and got the kids some shoes and then into Woolies where we saw Connor, Tayla and her parents.  Connor of course thought I was 'stalking' him which I was not!  Although if he was a girl I probably would have been!  We grabbed a take-away cuppaccino and I then dropped Marian off at home as I had an appointment at 14h00 with a couple about wedding invitations.

I was running late (and everyone who knows me well knows how I hate to be late) so hurried over and had a lovely chat with Ben and Marlini (friends of my friend Sam at work) who are getting married in October.  What a lovely couple!!!  I came home and quickly worked on some ideas and then had curried mince and rice for dinner in front of the tv with the gas heater on (for the first time this winter) and watched Fraser.  Richard is now watching Speedway which is a bit boring for me so I decided to do my nails and come and update my blog.

I am in trouble, AGAIN, with my Mother as I forgot to tell her that she is invited to Chanel and Nuno's engagement tea tomorrow ~ I had such a stressful week that I have forgotten to do a whole host of things and am too exhausted to actually be worried anymore!!!  If she decides tomorrow not to come with so be it ~ although I can almost guarantee that tomorrow she is going to say that she is too tired, or too cold, or too 'something' to go with.

I am thinking of going and jumping to a hot bath and relaxing there for a bit ... I think that is a great idea and then into my bed!!!  OK!  Decided ... I'm off to bath!!!!

Keep warm and enjoy your day tomorrow.

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