Thursday, 12 May 2011

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  A quickie tonight as I need to log onto my work laptop and try to get some work done. Out of office again tomorrow on training and then T.G.I.F.!!!!! and I am sooooooo looking forward to the weekend.  Nothing planned but R&R and after the week I've had I really need it!!!

  This page is about the night that Dean left for New Zealand ... Jo had left earlier in the day and I could unfortunately not get to the airport to see her.  We had dinner at the airport that night and waited for Dean to go through to his flight.  It was really difficult saying goodbye to him because he is such a special kid. I really hope that he finds success in New Zealand.  I cannot believe that he is turning 21 this Saturday!

Dean and Richard have always had a special relationship and these photos of Richie kissing Dean are just so sweet and so indicative of their relationship.
Bradley is such a cutie.
I like to use lots of photos on my pages otherwise you end up doing many pages on the same occasion. 

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