Sunday, 15 May 2011

Like an ostrich!!!

  I have been so overwhelmed with everything on my plate at the moment that I feel like an ostrich with my head firmly planted in the sand (wonder how they breathe when they do that??? Oh yes!!! You stop breathing properly!!! LOL!!!!) ~ People find it hard to believe that I think this way about myself but it is the honest truth.

  Friday ~ Attended training and then the launch of the Nedbank HR Academy at 135.  Next appointment was Sandra's, my area manager, farewell. I arrived at Primi Piatta in Melrose Arch to find that my branch managers had pulled out of the farewell as our Regional Manager had invited his management team and they had decided that they would rather have their farewell for Sandra on Tuesday.  I was a bit uncomfortable and said to Sandra that I would go home but she told me to "Sit put" so I ordered dinner along with the rest of the 'team' ~ I had potato & leek soup with herb bread followed by a cuppaccino (they have a dead boring dessert menu!!!).

  Saturday morning ~ I wanted to sleep and sleep but Connor was really worried that I would still be in bed when Tayla's parents came to drop her off so I reluctantly got up and showered and got dressed.  I was ready to seve her parents coffee when they arrived. 
  We dropped Mom off at GRC Casino and I decided to take the "quick way" to Sunrise sweets and got on the highway only to be sitting in Monday Morning Peak Hour Traffic ~ There was an accident with a truck and bus so we had to take a detour.  We eventually got to Sunrise and I got sweets to fill the jars I am giving the girls as gifts at our scrapbooking weekend next month.  We then came home and had lunch with Richie.
  Poor Tayla was so stressed as we went to visit first Noleen and Gordon and then Wendy & the kids (Graeme was at our house working on his motorbike with Richie) so that they could meet her.  She is such a stunning young lady that I could not wait for everyone to meet her. 
  We decided to go to Spur for dinner before taking her home.

  Sunday morning and again all I wanted to do was put my head under the covers and sleep ... Richard went off on his bike at 06h00.  He met Graeme and they rode out to Dennysville.  I dropped Connor off at Tayla and went to Wendy to copy some photos of our train trip.  Then off to The Glen to get the photos printed, did some birthday gift shopping, collected my photos and then home.  It is amazing how when you have tons of work to do that there are another million things that call your name!!! LOL!!  I tidied up the study, sent e-mails, sorted out scrapbook page examples, etc., etc., etc. and then thought that I had better update my blog.  Now I REALLY have to go and do some work.

  Before I go, let me share a page from my 'archives' ....

It was amazing how the Element logo on Connor's t-shirt and hoodie matched up.

In my quest to use my stash (and to be cheap!!!) I used the 7 and 3 in the title ~ I think it looks really good!
I hope you have all had a stunning weekend and are ready for another week out in the World of Work.


  1. Lynn, Tayla really is a sweet girl and I am so very happy for Connor!

  2. Such a smart moving using the numbers!! So happy Connor has found a kewl girl :-)