Sunday, 29 May 2011

At last ... a chance to do a post!!!

  What a week!!!  Monday I attended our Branch Manager's Conference at Avianto.  As I walked out the door I grabbed my big black jacket ~ Thank heaven's I did.  When I got to Avianto it was FREEZING!!!  The conference was well organised (when Sam van Wyk is in charge you can expect nothing less!!!) although some of the presenters were dead boring which is expected at a work conference.

  Tuesday morning I picked Linda Wood up and we drove through to Birchwood for our Retail HR Conference ~ We are always aware of the cost to the bank so if we drive together we save the bank some money.  We slept over on Tuesday night ~ I slept like a baby in the most comfortable bed and didn't even remember getting up to let Linda into the room.  As usual the food at Birchwood was not great ~ I was VERY good and ate only salads and fish (really trying to stick to my eating plan as I would still like to lose at least another 5 kg's).  Wednesday morning we had breakfast and the conference started at 8.  It ended off on an absolute high as we had Billy Selekane speak to us ~ He is excellent.  If we had more time I am sure we would all have asked him to continue speaking.  We got home a bit early on Wednesday and to my surprise the electricity was still off ~ We had been advised that the power would be off between 08h30 and 14h30 but it only came on after 17h30 so we went to Nando's and I got to spend some time with Richard and Connor which was fantastic.

  Thursday I hardly moved from my desk as I had so many things that needed taking care of.  I only left the office after 17h30 and when I got home I was dog tired.

  Friday ~ my boss had set up an interview with a candidate for our Dandaro programme.  I was going to ask her if I could be excused from the interview as I REALLY didn't feel like doing the interview ~ I am soooo happy that I didn't.  We interviewed the most stunning lady who currently works at ABSA.  She is the kind of person you would like to say to straight after the interview "You're employed!!!"  After dinner Connor begged me to go and visit Wendy as he was having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing his cousin Liam.  When we got there he was devastated as the boys had been punished and sent to bed ~ Fortunately they were allowed to spend some time with Connor before we left their house at 22h30.

  Saturday was a rather lazy day ~ I knew that I should be shopping but the thought of fighting the crowds at Pick 'n Pay was just too much for me.  Connor and I visited with Noleen in the afternoon and then Mom took us to Nando's for dinner.

  Sunday ~ Relief for Connor!!!  We picked Tayla up at 9 and came home for him to have breakfast and then off to the tennis club ~ He played a good game against Asheel and won 6-2 6-3.  Connor had played Asheel before and beaten him but was not aware that Asheel had improved his game so much.  I was very proud of both of them as they played really well.  We rushed home to have lunch as Connor had said that he wanted to take Tayla to movies but when we got to The Glen he said they had changed their minds.  Richard and I went off to Fego for some coffee and the two of them joined us a little while later.  We then walked around a bit before coming home.  Tayla was very disappointed when her folks said that they would pick her up as she was hoping that we could drop her off which would mean a little more time with Connor.  Laura and I said that if they work REALLY hard this week that they will be allowed to see each other on Saturday and Sunday next weekend ~ Let's see what they get up to this week.  If it was me it would be a HUGE inspiration to study my bum off!!! LOL!!!

  Well, that's it for this week.  As you can see, no scrapbooking was done this week at all ~ which is really sad although I will go into my archives and find at least one page to share with you.  I need to go and do the filing that is sitting in the way of my scrapbooking and get myself ready for the week which is going to be a busy one again and I also want to start doing some preparation for my weekend away at Good Shepherd.

  I'll say "Bye for now and I will see you all in BlogLand tomorrow.  God Bless and I wish you all a frenetic free, productive, joyful week!!!"
This is my precious sister Noleen and I ~ We take such lovely photos together.  The top photo is from Christmas Day and the bottom one was on Mother's Day (pity the flash spoiled the bottom photo!).

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  1. Lynn this is a stunning page as usual. Love the models again!! They do take good pictures together!