Monday, 16 May 2011

An e-mail Monday

  What a busy day ... Spent the day at my desk and got through over 200 e-mails.  I just don't know where they all come from!!!  Well I do but you know what I mean.   I was away from my desk for half an hour and got back to 15 mails.  Oh well ... the age of technology.  I can remember when we didn't have e-mails and had to write letters or pick up the phone and speak to people.

  I left the office a bit late and on my way home decided that I would make bread & butter pudding ... so I popped past P'nP.  It is in the oven right now and smelling really good so I am going to say "Bye for now" and I will see you in blogland again tomorrow.

  Here's another layout to share ...

Travelling on the Gautrain reminded me so much of our trips to Germany ~ The only difference is that this kind of transport is normal to them and not a "speciality" as it is for us.  That being said I LOVED IT!!!  Thanks Sandra for including me!!! 

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  1. Mmmmmm bread & butter pudding on a Monday night?! Thats supposed to be on Sunday after lunch...