Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Voting day

  This morning we had to be at the tennis courts at 08h00 ... murderous thoughts crossed my mind at 07h15 when I realised that if I did not get out of bed that we would be late.  I was thoroughly exhausted and could have spent another hour or two under the covers.  I watched Connor's singles match and then we went to Wendy and had a cuppa coffee and toast.  Tayla called and said that she was coming to watch Connor play his doubles match ~ he had told me that he wanted to pull out of the tournament and when he told her she was so upset that her parents said they would bring her over to watch his game.  Not sure of the results of the doubles match as he was so excited to see her that nothing else existed at the time.  Tayla's parents agreed that Connor could go home with them as long as he helped Tayla with her homework.  We will pop over and fetch him in a little bit and then go and vote.  I had planned on working the whole day today, as not much happened yesterday as I had a blinding headache, but that has just not happened so I will have to get my nose to the grindstone this evening and at least get some work done. 

  Before I go let me have a look and see if I have a layout to share ...

Connor is an absolute book-worm and takes every opportunity to get in a few pages and I felt that I needed to honour this in our scrapbooks.  The title of the page is "Where I read ... everywhere".  The second page has a photo of two of his favourites ... a book and a cookies&cream crusher from KFC.  I copied this page from a layout in Creating Keepsakes and again I used lots of scraps from my scraps box.

Hope you have all been out to vote!!!  See you in blogland tomorrow.

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  1. Stunning layout. Hope you got some work done.