Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday, Monday ....

    Yesterday afternoon when we went to fetch Connor from Tayla's house we had a cuppa coffee and a lovely chat with her parents.  I am delighted that Connor has met such a wonderful young lady.  I think most mothers of boys worry about their son's meeting a good girl.  Everyone has been dying to see what Tayla looks like so I had to force the two of them to stand for a photo yesterday.  Here they are ...

As we left Tayla's house the sun was setting and we stopped round the corner from her house to take
this stunning photo.  Whenever I see such a gorgeous sunset I think of my friend Linda Duma who
lives in Washington ~ he says that he has never seen sunsets as beautiful as the ones we have in S.A.

  I am battlilng to keep track of this year as it flies past us ... Noleen's 50th is gone, Easter is gone, Mother's Day is gone ~ and the rush continues.  Soon we will be shopping for Christmas.  I feel like stopping the world and climbing off for a bit ...  Anyone want to join me???
  Sleep tight and I will see you in blogland tomorrow.  I'm off to watch Monk with my darling hubby.


  1. Awww cute photo of the lovebirds and lovely sunset photo.

    If you can get the world to stop = I'll gladly hop off with you.