Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day ~ 8 May 2011

  We were up early this morning ~ although 6am is late for us!!!  We got ready and left the house at 7.  Dropped Connor at Tayla's house at 7:30 and met Ali at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens at 8.  We did the back route ~ which has a short, sharp hill ~ twice and then decided to walk up the "steps" at the waterfall.  Short it is not but sharp it most definitely is!!!  It was however very rewarding when you get to the top and look down over the gardens and you can see the Black Eagles who were quite busy in their nest.  FANTASTIC exercise!!!  We had breakfast at the Eagle's Nest where the service was unfortunately not great but the food was really good and the cuppaccino's amazing.  A nice unrushed drive home.

  Here are some photos I took this morning ...
The view ... stunning!!!
I took this long-arm shot of Ali and me.  We are a lot fitter
than the time we did the big hill at Groenkloof.  This one
was rather challenging itself but we conquered it!!!
Richard took another long arm shot of the three of us but that
is on Ali's camera and I will share it when she sends it to me.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the morning. I scrapped a page!!! Unbelievable, but after we said goodbye, I thought what the heck, do something quick.

    Almost done, will try and scan it in tomorrow to share.

    Have a stunning week.