Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Today I got a lovely surprise in the mail.  Let me give you some background ... My friend and super blogger Ally who lives in New York wrote the following on her blog ...

Have you ever wanted to belong to a gang? With strong women who have your back? Well, now you can!

Join The Vixens, the coolest girl gang around. The only requirement for admission is being my friend. If you can jump that bar, you're in.

There are perks to membership but they're secret so only members learn about them. Don't be shy; come join the gang!
Oh I would love to be a member of your gang!!!!! And would be honoured to be called your friend.
You are now both!

And today to my delighted surprise, I received this card in the mail.  So I am no officially part of a girl gang!!!
So tonight I did this page to celebrate being a founding member of The Vixens ...
And here are two other pages I worked on today ...
I got these beautiful letters from my friend Alison ~ for my half birthday ... we got this idea from my friend Samantha whose Granny used to spoil her halfway through the year as her birthday is on 27 December.  Ali and I decided that because our birthdays are in January that we would celebrate in July.

This is a page I did quite a while ago at a scrap day in Krugersdorp.  I still need to find two more photos of Connor and his Nana to finalize the page.
I am away at a two day work conference so on the weekend I will start making packs for my August project which is Connor's 21st.  I am scrapbooking on Women's Day and then we are also going away for a weekend in the month so I want to be super prepared to get as much done as possible.

Hope your Wednesday treated you gently.

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  1. Yay! Welcome to the gang. We need tough girls like you! :-)