Friday, 14 July 2017


The story of a wedding album ...

My wedding gift to Scott and Jo is this wedding album ... I made it with all the love in my heart for the two of them.  It took a bit longer to finalize and get to them ... at least it got to them before their first wedding anniversary :) !!!

I went to the Glenanda Post Office on 3 July 2017 after work and with a serious prayer handed over my package to the cashier ... I told her about my unproductive visit to Post Net the day before and she said that the Post Office takes a bit longer to deliver parcels to which her manager said "It's not so bad at the moment". So I leave the post office with my tracking slip securely tucked into my folder and the thought that I would pull it out in a month to check where the package is.

So ... 13 July 2017 @ 05h32 (SA time) my cell phone beeps and there is a photo of my parcel sitting on my friend Nats' dining room table ... Now who has ever heard of a 5.1kg parcel getting to an overseas destination in 9 days?

So Nats sends Jo a message to say that she has a special parcel for her and today Scott and Jo popped round to Nats after work and of course there it is ... Nats did a video of Jo and Scott opening the album and my heart just melted ~ I sat watching their reaction with tears running down my cheeks.

Jo sent me a message saying "I'm going to carry the album around like an attachment and brag to everyone who will look" ... now that makes it all worthwhile!
The front page

I have a dress stencil and just love how it came out so I had to use it on this page.

These two photos are of the underside of the flaps on the double page above.
I love how these pages came out.

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  1. What a stunning wedding album and I am sure the special couple will treasure it for life. Well done and congrats on your awesome creation. Its probably the biggest gift the couple will ever receive.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}