Friday, 28 July 2017


I set myself a target of getting my 2017 pages up to date by the end of July and that target is in sight ... Here are some pages I have done this week ...

My inspiration ... for this charity day where we raised money to spay stray dogs.
 LOVED this page so I used it as inspiration for this page of our farewell coffee with our friend Anne.  I decided to drag out my stamps and use them on this page ... then I did a bit of stitching on the letters ... I am CRAZY about stitching on my pages (thanks Lynette Jacobs!!!).
 This page I based on the facing Mother's Day page that I did the other evening.

This is half of the double page we did at the Spay a Stray day ... I will use the other half for something else.
This is the bonus single layout we got at the Spay a Stray day which I swore I was not going to do but then got a bit brave as it looked like it would be the ideal page for this In Memory page of my Mom-in-Law.  I used the original messages we put in the newspaper when she died which have been sitting in our study for 21 years and they look awesome.  My hunny really loves this page.

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