Sunday, 21 May 2017


21 May 2017: This morning started off gently with me reading for a while before I got in the shower.  I got Danielle Steel's new book Dangerous Games recently and started it last night (I finished The Mistress yesterday when I spent about 4 hours in the bath ~ my favourite place with a good book!!!).

Noleen, Wendy, Jenny and I met at Second Cup in Randridge for brunch today.  Norma was unfortunately not available as she had another arrangement.  It was an ideal venue for Wendy as she lives 5 minutes away.

As usual we had lots to talk about and catch up on and after a lovely meal we had a look at the shops and then came home.

Second Cup is a coffee shop under the trees and is open Tuesday to Sunday ~ I was a little worried about the weather but today was a beautifully warm winter's day in Johannesburg.
Wendy and Noleen
Me and Jenny
Every evening I plan on updating my blog but that is as far as it goes ... So this afternoon I decided I would get one thing ticked off my "To Do" list  ... Linda Wood ~ Hope you are happy my friend!!! LOL!!!!

When I am finished here I am going to do some admin work which has also been on the "To Do" list for weeks!!! and this evening I will finish up the page I have sitting on my scrapbook table.

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