Tuesday, 11 April 2017


10 & 11 April 2017: We had the privilege of having a two day meeting at my favourite place ... Olwazini.  I drove through at my usual time although our meeting was only starting at 9 which gave me time to do a few things before the meeting started.  Now what better view could you have for a meeting than this?

We sat outside at lunch time on Monday ... Sooooo beautiful!
The very same view on Tuesday morning!
After our meeting we checked into our rooms and relaxed until 18h30 when we met at the pub for a pre-dinner drink.  We enjoyed chatting over a delicious dinner and then relaxed in the lounge for a while before retiring to our rooms where I watched a bit of TV and knitted some ... what a wonderful way to wind down for the evening.

I slept really well and even got to lie in a bit as there was no traffic to worry about.  After a yummy breakfast our second day started out fantastically as my friend Linda Le Warne (who is also my boss' boss) came to chat to us for the first two hours of our meeting ~ what a treat!!!!  The rest of the day went really well and we got to leave a bit earlier and miss the traffic on the way home!

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