Sunday, 9 April 2017


9 April 2017: Linda and I have been friends for more than 26 years and I treasure her friendship.  

We have started a bit of a tradition where we pamper ourselves at the end of Quarter 1 ~ this is the busiest time in the year for us in HR as we have to make sure that all our staff have a performance rating on the system and then comes the work with the increase exercise followed VERY closely with the recognition process.  For Linda being the head of HR for Retail and Business Banking this is a manic time and I don't know how she keeps her head above water but she does it elegantly and with immense kindness ... I forgot to say that she is one awesome human being!!!
Fairway Spa

This morning we met at Olivia's in Northcliff for breakfast and then went to the Spa at the Fairway Hotel on the Randpark Golf Course ... I never even knew this place existed!!!

We had a wonderful back massage and a facial and WOW!!!! do I feel spoiled.  After the treatment we had a salad and did some serious catching up.
Thank you for spoiling me my friend!!!

What an awesome end to the weekend!!!

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