Saturday, 11 March 2017


Blog Post # 845
This morning I went out and did my 42nd 5km ParkRun walk at Victoria Lake ... My time was
00:52:41 ... which is just a couple of seconds off my personal best at Victoria Lake.  I then had breakfast with Noleen and Gordon at Wimpy.

Alison invited me to join her this afternoon at a Crochet/Knitting Meet Up at Mugg & Bean in Cresta.  We were expecting there to be a group of at least 10 ladies but it ended up being just 5 of us.  Ali had also invited our friend Pat Jenkerson along who brought her friend Fran along.  We met a new lady ... not sure how to spell her name ... but she was an absolute delight.  Ali, Pat and Fran did their crocheting and the other lady and I were busy with knitting projects.  I am working on a baby shawl ... and managed to knit 14 rows (x 250 stitches).

We had a lovely afternoon chatting, drinking coffee, eating cake and crafting.  Thanks for the invite Ali!!!!
 And now I am going to 'play' in my scrap room for a bit.

Hope you all had an awesome Saturday!!!!

And remember ....

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