Tuesday, 28 February 2017


28 February 2017: A couple weeks ago my sister Norma told me that she had "met" a guy on one of the dating sites and after he had a look at her facebook profile he asked her how she knows me and of course she said that I am her sister.

Ends up that he is my hunny's childhood friend ~ he even attended our wedding.  Through the years they unfortunately lost contact and he now lives in Sedgefield.  He comes up to Johannesburg to visit his Mom and said the next time he is here he would like to meet her and also catch-up with my hunny.

His sister (who lives in the UK) was in SA to visit his Mom so Gary came up to Jhb to see them and the three of us arranged a surprise meet-up at Gold Reef City.  On Friday evening I announced that I was taking my hunny to dinner on Sunday night to which he responded "What have I done" with a smile!  I never answered.

26 February:  Today we set off and he never even asked where we were going.  I drove him through to Gold Reef City and we sat down at a table at Col Caccio's and ordered something to drink.  I sent Norma a message and she didn't see it for a while and then they came walking along and my hunny says "Oh! There's Norma" who of course smiles at him and the next thing he exclaims "GARY WHITE!!!" and then realizes that the two of them are together and his next comment is "What are you doing with my sister-in-law???!!!"  

Of course then comes the full explanation of our month of planning and then the catch-up begins with lots of funny stories of their youth.  Thankfully Connor wasn't with us to hear how naughty they were!!!!

There were three of them who were very good friends at school and tonight my hunny met up with Gary and Neil for another catch-up.  Can't wait to hear how that went.

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