Monday, 16 January 2017

Monday Monday ....

This morning (16 January 2017) I am supposed to be working from home but I am going to have to put in a day's leave as I am feeling totally shattered.

Yesterday I attended the Memorial Service for a very good friend of mine's son who tragically took his own life last week.  The emotions of seeing the effect if has had on my friend and his wife and seeing a whole lot of young men totally devastated by their friends death and really took it out of me!!!

Then this morning I dropped my car off for a service and I had not asked for a lift home as I thought my hubby could do that for me ... only to find out that he had booked his car in for a service as well ... so I walked the 3km's home (which is all UPHILL!!!).  When I called him to check if everything was OK and to let him know I was home safe he was very frustrated as when he got to the garage the lady he had spoken to had not booked his car in for today at all!!!

So instead of curling up into a little ball under the covers I decided to read my home e-mails and came across this blog post of Susannah Conway's and I took out a couple bits which resonated very loudly with me although for me it is now 16 days into 2017 and I am feeling the same way that she did when she wrote this blog post!!!!

     How are you feeling now we’re 12 days into 2017? I’m still chasing my tail a  little and while I’d like to report that I’m rested and ready to start this year filled with intention and purpose… I’m not there yet.

     I’m not immune to the harsh critique when I look in the mirror but rather than wishing I could be thinner what I’m truly wishing for is more ENERGY. I know the reason I’m still sick is because I let my overall health slide last year. It’s so easy to  prioritise work over everything else and as a result  I’m exhausted.

    I’m tired of being tired. I’m guessing some of you can probably relate to this :-)
    I turn 44 in a few weeks (I just turned 54 this week!!!!) and my birthday wish for myself is to reach 45 knowing what it’s like to wake up feeling energised and refreshed. I cannot remember the last time I felt that way and I want to do something  about it. In fact, strike that — I’m DOING something about it. This desire is not the same as some wishy washy “get fit” January resolution.
      If anything it’s more like a mid-life wake up call where you ask yourself: is this really how I want to feel in my body for the rest of my life? My answer? A thousand times NO.
      I’m not a natural-born exerciser. I had a period a few years back where I got my level of fitness up to a pretty high standard, 
     There are always excuses and reasons — usually very compelling ones! — but the simple truth is I just don’t MOVE enough. This morning I  heard a fitness expert say sitting is the new smoking in terms of how it's damaging our health. How sobering is that?
      I'm going to relearn how to move my body,  even when my to-do list is shouting from my desk.

It’s a start, yes? :-)

Although totally exhausted I got up and did ParkRun (walk) on Saturday morning ...
Victoria Lake parkrun results for event #25. Your time was 00:53:24.This was my 40th Park Run so I will have my 50th under my belt before the middle of 2017!!!!

Hope you are all having a truly magnificent Monday!!!! and that the week ahead treats you gently!!!

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  1. Oh Lynne, what a tough thing to go through to see your good friend, his wife and their friends grieve a young life stolen by suicide. My heart goes out to all concerned. How does a parent recover from that? When it is so close to home it is particularly difficult to handle - sending a big hug my special friend!

    I, too, am on a mission to improve my energy levels and just feel better so will join you in any way I can. Looking forward to our birthday breakfast next week - yayyyy - a hug from my Lynn!!! xxx