Friday, 9 December 2016


9 December 2016: Today I was at Lakeview for a talk which didn't happen - not even the presenter pitched and it was not cancelled either!!! Go figure.  I had arranged a meeting with one of my clients so it was not a total waste of time.
As I was going to be there on the day AnnaMarie, Sam and I arranged to have a Friends Christmas Lunch.  We met at Mugg & Bean at Town Square and had an awesome time catching up ... it is really difficult not working in the same office as these girls any more as I miss them badly ~ It is difficult every morning not having coffee with AnnaMarie and doing a quick catch-up. 

We all ordered their chicken rarebit which was absolutely delicious and of course I had to have two cappuccinos!!!

We swapped Christmas gifts and this is the gorgeous "lucky packet" I was spoiled with from AnnaMarie ...
Her Mom made me a scrap booking bag and AnnaMarie filled it with a gorgeous necklace and two bracelets, our favourite Cappuccino, my favourite Dawn body cream, some dragonfly stickers, a weekly planner and a plastic box filled with die cut shapes ~ it must have taken her forever to cut all of these.  I felt so spoiled ... thanks my friend!!!!!

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