Sunday, 16 October 2016


Saturday 15 October 2016: I started off this morning with a brisk 5km walk at Rietvlei and did a rather good time (for me) ...

Rietvlei parkrun, JHB South results for event #151. Your time was 00:53:15

Compared to last week which was ...

Rietvlei parkrun, JHB South results for event #150. Your time was 00:53:43.

While I was waiting to start the walk Linda Wood sent me a message asking if I wanted to join her and her Mom for coffee and cake to celebrate her birthday.  As the new Mugg and Bean at Meyersdal is on my way home I decided to go straight there rather than rush home and rush back out again.  I had a leisurely cuppa coffee and played on my phone while waiting.  We had a lovely hour chatting and eating lemon meringue pie ... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS WOOD!!!!  May today be the start of an awesome journey in your life!!!"
Linda and her Mom Rhoda

On Friday there was a slip at home advising that there was a parcel waiting for collection at the post office.  Connor mentioned that he thought it was his Watsky CD so I never thought anything more about it.  After I left Linda and Rhoda I went down to Rosettenville Junction and collected the parcel at the Post Office (never even looked at who it was addressed to) and popped into the bank at the same time to get some change for the little purse in my car (I like to have change to give a tip to garage attendants and car guards and I LOVE killing two birds with one stone!!!).  When I arrived home I put the parcel down in the study and looked at it only to find that it was from my friend Ally in the States.  I was elated to say the least ... I opened it and this is what I found ....
Ally wrote a beautiful mermaid blog post
Isn't this little mermaid the most precious thing???

The t-shirt I am wearing was a gift from my sister Jenny ~ She bought us (herself, me and Wendy) each one last weekend when we had lunch at Northgate ~ I did a blog post about that.
I was sitting and vegetating in front of the computer when my phone rang and it was Wendy ... "What are you doing" she asked.  Me ... "Nothing much ... just sitting in front of the computer".  "Wanna join me for a cuppa coffee at Lua in half an hour?" she asks ... I haven't showered yet after my walk this morning but I answer "Sure! I just need to jump in the shower".  I was a few minutes late but was rather impressed that I could look halfway decent and travel 10km's in half an hour.

Wendy ordered a biltong and blue cheese salad (didn't eat the blue cheese which she asked for on the side just in case) and I had a farmyard sandwich which was chicken mayo, avo and supposed to be crispy bacon (which unfortunately wasn't crispy ... so I had a long chat to the kitchen manager who promptly gave me a take away sandwich ... which I donated to a young woman and her little girl at the traffic light where I got onto the highway).  We had a lovely afternoon chatting about a million and one things and they had to ask us to leave eventually as they were waiting for their transport to collect them.

 When I got home my hunny was busy working on this gorgeous scooter and when he came back from a test ride I rushed outside to take a photo of him on it ... He looks so cute!!!!
Connor had dropped Mom off at the casino earlier in the day and she said when we fetch her we should have some dinner there ... It was chaos getting in as there was a Diwali celebration across the road in the parking of the Apartheid Museum.  As we walked into the lift lobby this is what we saw and my hunny's comment ... "Big Bang Theory".  We went to Spur as Mom wanted to continue gambling and we had a leisurely dinner (I had a starter portion of prawns as I was still full from lunch) and when we left it was just as chaotic getting out ~ Connor's High School were also having their matric dance at Gold Reef Casino.  As we were driving away there were huge bangs from the fireworks they were letting off at the Diwali celebration. 

Noleen and Gordon were in Cape Town this weekend for the wedding of Margot and Geoff's son.  Noleen and Margot have been friends since primary school 43 years ago.  She sent me these photos when they arrived in Tulbach yesterday ...
 And then these photos at the wedding ...
Margot and Geoff looking gorgeous as parents of the groom

This morning my hunny got up early and went out for a ride on his motorbike and we had agreed to meet for breakfast at Cafe du Cirque  ... I took a leisurely drive out there and had just started reading my book when he arrived.  We had a scrumptious breakfast and then I followed him home through intermittent rain.  I have a new companion in my car now ... Isn't she cute???!!!

This afternoon I plan on:
  • Taking my Mom to the shops to do some groceries;
  • Make some cards to fulfill an order; 
  • Finish off a birthday gift.
Hope your weekend has been super awesome.

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