Sunday, 16 October 2016


As people who know me well know ... I like to plan ahead of time for Christmas and birthday gifts.  I have my little book where I keep a list of birthdays and my Christmas list ... when I find something I like I make a note of it.

The other day I was sent a photo of the PERFECT gift for many people on my list ... so I sent it out to my Scrap Addicts with this message ... "Don't you just LOVE the Christmas gifts I have been able to source for all of us?" I was SHOCKED when I got this answer from Alison ... "The 'lace and crap taste' fairy threw up on that seat".  Now what am I going to do for Christmas gifts?

Here is the incredible gift I found ...

And then Leonie sent us this ... "I am making this for all of you for Christmas"...
And Alison's response "Just what I always wanted" ... Go figure!!!! :)


  1. OMG - Please - I really don't need a Christmas gift if thats whats in store ... rotflmao

    1. I am very disappointed that I went to all the work to find these awesome gifts and that you are turning your nose up at it!!!!!

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