Thursday, 1 September 2016


1 September 2016: I really wanted to visit the Sky Tower so this morning Brett took us into town and we went up the Sky Tower ... OMGoodness!!!!! It is so high up that Brett and I were really nervous while my hunny looked at everything from right up against the glass.  

I bought the photo & booklet that they take downstairs. Although I had taken a whole host of photos of the view I found that the booklet has a 360 degree photo of all the points of interest around the sky tower ... I will show you this when I take photos of my New Zealand scrapbook pages.

We enjoyed a nice drink at the Sky Tower ~ Brett and me ... coffee of course and Richie had a hot chocolate.  I had some delicious, albeit darn expensive, ice cream!!!  R50 per scoop ... no wonder they give you a voucher for a free scoop!!!!

 The views are really awesome! although a bit scary!!!

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