Wednesday, 3 August 2016


3 August 2016:  Today is a holiday in South Africa as we go to the polls to vote.

Instead of spending the morning standing in a queue waiting to vote Wendy and I arranged with Michell to do a photo shoot of her precious baby Amy.

I picked Wendy up and we stopped off at Mugg & Bean in Key West for a quick breakfast and met up with Sam to follow her out to Clive and Michell's house.

We had a stunning morning ... here are a few of the photos I took during the photo shoot ...

The photographer and baby lover


My friend Anna-Marie made Amy this beautiful name out of denimn and felt for her room so I sent her this photo ...

 Aunty Sam did some editing on her phone and sent these back to me ... PRECIOUS!!!!

And at 18h20 we braved the cold to go out and cast our vote.

An awesome day!!!!!

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