Saturday, 6 August 2016


6 August 2016: My friend Roz is getting married to her knight in shining armour on Monday.  Her daughter Liana and daughter-in-law-to-be Jamie hosted a Bridal Shower for her today at our favourite lunch place ~ We found out later that Liana was unaware that her Mom even knew the place.

Contessa Tea Connoisseur which was started as a dream to introduce South Africans to the world of tea, and to create an original and relaxed environment within which to enjoy it.

Roz was convinced that  Liana was going to put her in a tutu and tie her to a traffic light ... which is so not Roz's style.

Liana blindfolded Roz when she picked her up and this is what we saw when they entered the restaurant ...


The tables were beautifully set and we got this lovely cream as a gift.  Roz's niece Carol-Ann made the very pretty tea cut cookies for us.  We had an awesome time drinking tea and coffee an enjoying the awesome eats they put on for us.

Thank you Liana and Jamie for inviting me to share in this awesome morning.

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  1. Bridal showers are always such fun and makes for very special memories later on.
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