Friday, 8 July 2016


Date    : 8 July 2016
Time   : 19h00
Venue : Casa Rossi, Glenanda

I took the day off work today so that I could do those last minute things that need to be done before a party.  Like having breakfast with my boyfriend and his wife at 07h00!!!  I met Ian and Col for breakfast at Olivia's in Northcliff after dropping Connor at work.  We had a wonderful time catching up.  I picked Wendy up and we went flower shopping, then on to the plastic shop where we got beautiful balloons (gifted by Wendy) and then back to her house to arrange the flowers.

I fetched Connor from work, dropped him off at home and then went to the restaurant to do the final preparations.

In no time at all the guests started arriving and a wonderful evening came to life.  Connor had an absolute ball and was spoiled rotten.

Wendy and her friend Calvin Way took gorgeous photos of the guests and here are a few:
Noleen and Gordon
Linda (God Mother) Khrystyn & Devon

Kayla and Byron
Rozzie with the awesome cake she made Connor
Connor and Steph
Roz and her step-son Ollie
Michelle and Kyle who shares a birthday with Connor

Norma Wesley and Sam

Sharon Craig and Shaigan (Byron's parents and brother)
Frik and Carol ~ Steph's parents
Connor and his BF Talora
Connor's group of friends who call themselves 'Allegedly"
"The Girls"
Mitch and Michelle

Anna-Marie and Pierre
The band
Wendy and Liam
Two special girls ... Steph and Rhoda
A boy and his Nan
Eve and Madam a.k.a. Lils and Sherry (Sheron)
The musician from the restaurant who added a lot of atmosphere to the evening
My 4 sisters ... Norma(#3), Noleen(#1), Lynn(#2), Wendy(#4), Jenny(#5)

Aunty Linda and Linda Wood (This is how we differentiate when we are speaking about the Linda's in our life
The very proud parents

My hunny

Tom ordered shooters and Linda Wood insisted that because my child only turns 21 once that I needed to have a tequila shot ... It is definitely the WORST thing I have EVER had to drink and that will definitely be the first and LAST time I ever drink tequila.  Now I know why you need the lemon afterwards!!!  Yuck!!!!


  1. Tequila!!! Go Aunty Lynn!!!! This looks like an absolute blast!! Love all these pics... cake, Decor, people!! Everything!!

    1. OMGoodness!!!! my Jo ... The tequila was HORRIBLE!!! Thankfully everything else went off well and I had a blast and so did Connor.