Sunday, 10 July 2016


A Mom and her Baby Boy
10 July 2016: We were back at the airport today to see Liam off as he takes on a new path in his young life ~ He is joining Jarod in Houston, Texas.

Connor is absolutely distraught that his two cousins (who he considers to be his siblings) are now going to be so far away.  I promised Jarod that Connor would come over next year to visit them and I will definitely be keeping that promise.

And if Connor is feeling the way he is I cannot imagine how Wendy is coping with both her boys being gone ~ That empty nest must be a really difficult thing to deal with.  I am battling with Connor ~ and he is only gone for weekends!!!

We had a quick burger at Spur and then it was time to say "Bye!!!! See you soon!!!"

We had to wait until the plane took off as Liam was flying unaccompanied minor so we (Wendy, Jacqui, Connor and I) sat in the Byte Restaurant and drank coffee.  Once we were sure that the flight was in the air we left the airport to brave the traffic which wasn't too bad.

I took these photos of the sunset ...

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