Saturday, 26 March 2016


26 March 2016 : Yesterday was my sister Noleen's birthday.  Her son Dean arranged a lunch so of course Wendy and I were not invited.  Instead we arranged to have breakfast at Mall of the South today.  I suggested Life and arrived first followed by Gordon and Noleen.  Norma arrived next and was in a horrible mood as she had overslept then messed make-up on herself.  Wendy arrived a few minutes later and when she commented about the mark on Norma's top she gave a horribly irritated response and so the tone for the breakfast was set!  And I was stuck sitting between Norma and Wendy.

We had an interesting time ... waited 45 minutes and when our food arrived Norma and my food was ice cold.  Sent it back and when it arrived back Norma's toast was limp and looked yucky!!!!  The manager didn't want us to pay but Gordon insisted that since his and Noleen's food was good that he had to pay.  We got a coffee on the house.

We decided, as usual, to take some photos and Norma was not happy with any of the photos and said that we mustn't post them on facebook or our blogs ... My comment "It is not all about you Norma" so she got up and moved away so we took some photos of the three of us.

Norma doesn't read my blog so here is a photo of all of us with Gordon.
 After breakfast Gordon went home and the four of us trawled the mall for a bit ... I bought myself some winter clothes at H&M and then Wendy got Noleen a lovely handbag and jersey at Edgars and we ended up at a lovely little place called Just Darling where we had a great cuppa coffee and then said our goodbyes and went our own ways.

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