Monday, 15 February 2016


This week had a "To Do List" which was a bit daunting.  I decided to follow Kate Emmerson's advice on her CUPPACCINO CHALLENGE ...One of the fastest ways to shift your life is to gather your thoughts in one place and “MIND DUMP” IT!For the next 15 minutes simply write as much as you can that falls under the following categories: (NO judgement, just scribble away)

1.     Anything "bugging" you for whatever reason

2.     Appointments that are overdue - work, personal, health - you name it

3.     Everything on your TO DO list that’s sitting in your head and not written down

4.     Phone calls you need to make

5.     "Stuff" you need to action

6.     Things you need to return / fix / organize

7.     Anything that you have been reneging on

You don't have to order it or make sense of it, just write it down SPLAT on the page as fast as possible. You will feel a huge sense of relief when you are complete. Anything that is taking head space because it is incomplete, is preventing you for taking action on the things that really matter.

Right, to complete your challenge for today, for the next 5 minutes, choose 1 (ONE) of them to action in some form, and do it NOW.

Some of the important things on my Mind Dump were ...
  1. Renew my driver's license ~ This has been on my "To Do List" since November and now my license is expiring at the end of February ... I think they call it procrastination!!!!
    ACTION :
  2. Tidy my scrapbook table (The girls are coming to scrapbook at our house on Saturday!)
    ACTION : Sunday evening while watching Strictly Come Dancing I tackled a bit of it.
  3. Collect my bank cards at Westgate Branch ~ This is going to become a problem soon when my cards expire!!!!
    ACTION :
  4. Appointments :
    Doctor ~ ACTION :
    Sorbet ~ Desperately need pedicure ~ ACTION :
    Coffee with my friend Shorts ~ I still have her Christmas and Birthday gifts!!! ~ ACTION :
    Dentist for me and Connor ~ ACTION
    Optometrist  ~ ACTION :

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