Sunday, 14 February 2016


Blog Post #700 ... This 'n that!

4th February : I had to visit Balfour Park Branch to do hearing prep.  As usual I got there early but nothing is open in the shopping centre except the gym ~ Next time I go there I should go and check if they serve coffee!!!  I sat in the banking area and did some work on my laptop and felt safe as there is a lot of movement with security guards around. As the sun rose and came shining through the windows this arrangement of disks gave off the most awesome twinkling colours.  When I left I took this photo ~ It unfortunately does not do the display justice.

Sunday 7th February : My hunny and I visited the travel expo at the TicketPro Dome last weekend ... Unfortunately we did not find any specials for our trip to New Zealand.  It was nice to spend some time alone together however.

When we got home my hunny changed and went to the garage to work ... Every time he came into the back yard Bandit would bring his ball to play ...
 Friday 12 February :
Valentines Day at the office.  I went downstairs to get coffee with my boss and my coffee guy Menzi looked so handsome ...

As they say in Afrikaans "Fluit, fluit ... my stories uit"

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