Saturday, 16 January 2016


Cute patient!!!
15 & 16 January 2016 ... I called Dr Laric's office on Monday 4 January and thankfully they were back from leave.  I secured an appointment for Thursday 7th.  After waiting an hour to see him we discussed the operation and scheduled it for today ... I was VERY stressed yesterday when I got a call saying that the doctor's office was waiting for the authorization number from the medical aid ~ when I had booked Connor's bed on the 7th the girl at the reception had said that I don't need to worry that they would do everything for me ... Yeah right!!!!

When I called the medical aid I was helped by two stunning girls and everything was sorted in half an hour.

Today when we get to the hospital the same girl was on duty again and asked us to have a seat as there was no bed available as the hospital was full and they needed to clean and make up a bed for Connor.  We sat at the restaurant which is across from reception and had some coffee ... SORRY!!! None for you Connor ~ I had woken him at 05h30 to have something to eat and drink so I didn't feel too bad (terrible mother I am!!).

Eventually we got upstairs to his ward and this is him modelling his ultra sexy hospital gown!!!!

He was horrified when the nurse confirmed to him that he had to put on those spectacular undies!!!!
At 13h30 they took him off to surgery and the three of us went and had lunch ... We were kinda stressed so at about 3 we went back up to the ward but he was not back yet so we loitered outside the lifts and about 10 minutes later they wheeled him out.

I was so relieved I could have bawled my eyes out ... he is still my baby!!!!

We got him comfortable and gave him the teddy I got for him downstairs.  He was terribly nauseous and in a lot of pain and of course my heart was breaking!

My hunny fetched my Mom to visit him during visiting hours and then we left him to sleep.

Next morning he was on the phone early asking when I was coming through so I rushed and showered and got there as quickly as possible.  The doctor popped round to see him and discharged him and quick as can be I bundled him in the car and brought him home.

Now begins the healing process.


  1. I really hope you feel better soon - Look after yourself! Xxx

    1. Thanks Jo!!! Gotta be right for our visit!

  2. I am so glad it all went off well...wishing him a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks Lynette ... We see the doc on the 1st and then the physio starts.