Sunday, 10 January 2016


10 January 2016 ... My hunny was supposed to go riding this morning but decided that he would rather take it easy so we drove through to the Circus Cafe together for a delicious French Toast breakfast.  We chatted to the owner about the fact that they have removed the big top ... she said that it was 18 years old and although the tent is in good condition the challenge was keeping the straps and ropes in good order.  It was really weird driving along the R59 and not seeing this VERY familiar sight.

I LOVE spending time with these boys of mine!!!  

Of course what we saw of Connor most of the time was the top of his head as he was reading City on Fire.


  1. I love dates with my nearest and dearest.

    1. It is the best way to keep the fires burning ... I love going on dates with these two boys!