Wednesday, 27 January 2016


27 January 2016 : Rozzie ... aside from being one of my heart sisters ... is also a Capricorn.

Today we met at Contessa Tea Shop for a Belated Birthday Celebration.
  • It was an hour and a half filled with catching up and sharing heart stuff ... that's why you have heart sisters!!  I left there feeling like the weight of the world had gently been removed from my shoulders!  Thanks Roz!
  • I had the Beef Babootie with banana chutney ... which again was delicious!!!!  We had so much to say that we didn't even have time to contemplate dessert!!!
  • And ... We gave each other birthday gifts ... Ooooooh the spoiling continues!!!!
 I gave Rossie my favourite gift at the moment ... a colouring-in book and water colour crayons and a set of Honey pearls in a book bag where she can keep the book and crayons in one place.

I got horribly spoiled with two scrapbook paper packs, a gorgeous pen, and this favourite saying of Rozzie's which I can use on a special page or in a frame.  This was all in a gorgeous London gift bag with a clever birthday "card".
 Here is my clever birthday "card" from Rozzie ...

We asked our sweet waitress to take a photo of the two of us ... Look at the gorgeous hearts in the background!
 SPOILED ROTTEN does not even match how I am feeling!!!!!  Yesterday at work I was spoiled some more!!!!!

I went out to Florida Branch to do a grievance meeting and at the end the branch manager who is my special friend Karol gave me a gift bag with a gorgeous make-up bag with a little key ring book about birthdays and a gift voucher for PNA!!!  Thanks for spoiling me Karol!!!
Then when I got back to work my friend Alencia gave me a gift voucher for Woolies ... I am so thoroughly spoiled!!!!! and loving it!

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  1. Way to go Lynn...I should have celebrated my birthday in a similar way...for a whole week at least ♥