Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Dane, Melanie and  Dylan
Tonight we had the pleasure of having dinner with Dylan and Melanie who are the kids of my friend Natalie who now lives in New Zealand.  They are here on holiday to see their Dad.  They brought their friend Dane along and the young people all got along really well.  My hunny and I had a really awesome time with all 5 special young people.

My gorgeous gift
We met them at The Spur at Bedford Centre and had a wonderful evening catching up with them.  They are incredibly special young people who their Mom and Dad can be VERY proud of.

Some more spoiling came in the way of a birthday gift sent all the way from New Zealand to me by my precious friend ~ I now have NZ$30 in my holiday purse for our trip ... all courtesy of Nats!!!

 Nats also sent us a Christmas gift ... 

I took the opportunity to send a birthday gift with the kids for Nats' birthday ... she has a birthday exactly one month after me on 13 February and gifts for the other 3 kids.  It was Dylan's birthday on the 5th so I gave him his gift tonight.

We are so looking forward to spending time with these amazing kids when we visit New Zealand later this year.


  1. An awesome time spent with loved ones...always works well ♥