Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I blogged about the soup kitchen we did at Cradle of Hope in August and today we were back to do a Christmas party for the kids.

We got the names, ages and clothes/shoe sizes of all the kids and set about getting our business involved in providing Blessing Boxes for the kids.

I chose two little girls off the list and had a lot of fun packing their boxes.

Here are some photos of what we did today ...

We involved our kids in this initiative ... and here I am with my friend Mandy's little girl Dakota who I love madly ... and the love is reciprocated!!!
These are the two boxes I packed for two gorgeous little girls ...

We are ready to serve the kids hotdogs for lunch ...
On the left in this photo is Mandy's husband Brent and Sumaiya's boyfriend who joined us
Yvette's daughter and best friend were ready to show the kids how to tuck into a hot dog!!!

The kids line up and then say grace before tucking into their lunch

I fell in love again today ... and his name is Tristan!!!

The two gorgeous girls I packed boxes for ...
Noko agreed to be our Father Christmas ...
We had such a lot of fun and came away exhausted but elated.
See my separate post about cupcakes!

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